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Fix O Fit Products

Fix-O-Fit- The Best Solution for Hair Thinning

Now-a-days a lot many people are suffering from too much loss of hair, patches of baldness and hair thinning as a result. This is due to the change in lifestyle, food and increasing pollution. Any remedies and medication, however efficient and effective, take a lot of time. Not many cosmetic products give an instant solution to this problem. Though virtual hair look-a-likes are mushrooming in the market these days, Fix-O-Fit guarantees to be the best of them all.


Three products of the brand are available, namely,

  1. Sprinkle-Anytime: It contains miniature fibers that when sprinkled on the bald spots of the head get electro statically attached to your hair, thus giving a natural look to you just in an instant. It thickens and increases the volume near thin hair. It thus hides bare scalp from direct view.
  2. Settle-All Day Long: It helps the fiber settle on your hair effectively for about a day. After applying this you can do any style you like with your hair. You can use gels, balms, dryers and curlers, etc. but the fibers won’t come off.
  3. Rinse-Take a Break: It is a shampoo that nourishes the fibers and the hair follicles. It rinses the attached fibers out and prepares the hair for the next session of its use. Rinsing is required to replenish the hair with its electrostatic charge.