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About Us


We are the founders of Fix-O-Fit hair concealers and are in this industry for a decade. Fix-O-Fit has been dedicated on hair Concealer products which are the best solution for hair thinning problems. Our products are used by many professional makeup artists and dermatologist. We have a unique range of hair concealer products which can be used by any men or women suffering from hair loss and thinning hair line problem.

Fix-O-Fit believes that Natural Way is the best Solution for all your Problems!!!

We know how chemical based products can harm your hair roots and what kind of damage can come from frequent exposure to harsh weather. This is the reason we created a unique range of hair concealer product that is made from natural ingredients. Fix-O-Fit is the ultimate solution to all your hair loss problems.

Hair Building Fibers which comes under Fix-O-Fit handy container holds microscopic hair fibers that sticks upon your existing hair, creating a fuller and natural looking head of hair. All you have to do is simply shake the Fix-O-Fit onto the area of thinning hair and get instant results within matter of seconds!

These hair building fibers will remain on your existing hair throughout the entire day from the moment it’s been applied. Fix-O-Fit hair building fibers are completely undetectable and blends right in a perfect way with your natural hair color. We give you a wide variety of colored fiber options at our online store. Just opt for the one that matches to your hair color.

Fix-O-Fit has created a revolution in hair thickening industry and every day more and more people are opting for our hair concealers. We also understand your need to take care of hair, so there is a shampoo and hair spray also available at our online store. All the products available at Fix-O-Fit are made from using natural ingredient. Our entire range of products is tested in labs by dermatologist, so you can use them without any worry of getting nasty reactions.

Till this date, there is no permanent solution to hair loss problems. Different pills and tonics are available in the market but there is no surety of them to work on your body. Also if you opt for the hair transplant surgery, still there is no guarantee that you will get the desired result.

Fix o fit hair products can assure you to get instant real looking shiny hair within few seconds. Our products are easy to use and very effective for all kind of hair loss problems.